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potterhead13579 asked:
Just wanted to let u know your blog is adorable x3 I lov it XD

Thanks I need to post more often

Anonymous asked:
Your blog is gay as frick I love it<3


He&#8217;s my favorite 

young-mysterious-souls asked:
Hey man I love your blog. I am 16 and have recently stumbled upon the best boyfriend. I love him. He has completely changed my perspective about life. He went from some kid who I saw in the halls to someone that means so much. He has also helped me come out to a lot of important people in my life. I just want anyone in that situation to realize that you should not give a fuck about what anyone thinks. Be who you are. Step out of the box and show your true color


toma mi mano amor y camina conmigo.

apenas-un-boy asked:
I love your Tumblr: 3

Thank you :D It’s been so long since I last posted on tumblr I must and need to come back.


Journal stuff

Shower time!

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Anonymous asked:
where'd you get this gif post/13254462006

idk its reblogged.

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